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Cornell has a decades-long history of helping New York’s organic dairy farms – which now number more than 700 – through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

That effort is currently centered in the New York Organic Dairy Program, which provides information to all sectors of the organic dairy industry, including consumers, retailers, processors, and organic certifiers, as well as farmers.

Current activities include:

  • Organizing and hosting New York Certified Organic meetings. Each winter since 1996, more than 100 producers gather in Jordan Hall at the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva for a series of three day-long meetings focusing on dairy and field crops.
  • Participating in the New York Organic Dairy Task Force. This group of producers, processors, organic certifiers, and others meets twice a year to discuss and develop strategies to grow a sustainable organic dairy industry for New York State.
  • Grass-fed milk market project. USDA-SARE funded research and education program that helps farmers assess if the grass-fed milk market is an appropriate fit for their farm and provide management and monitoring tools to help them overcome barriers.
  • Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program. New York Organic Dairy Program is part of this national program that matches apprentices seeking careers in grass-based farming with master graziers.
  • Soil health trailer. Travels the state demonstrating how pasture-based farming can improve soil health and providing grazing management education. View video

Featured resources:

Integrated Pest Management Guide for Organic Dairies – From the NYSIPM Program, this guide provides an outline of practices for the management of external arthropod pests such as flies, lice, mites and grubs on organic dairy farms.  En espaƱol.

Organic dairy transition resources – Compiled by the New York Organic Dairy Program.

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