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New York State is the leading dairy producer in the East, and the growth of the organic sector is multiplying.  For information on the best practices for organic production, please explore the following:

Production Information

Organic Dairy Integrated Pest Management Guide

Conversion to an organic, pasture system

Integrated Pest Management

New York State Integrated Pest Management: Livestock and Field Crops - We help you deal with pests—with the weeds, insects, and plant diseases that infest your crops, and the mites, ticks, flies, and lice that plague your livestock.

Integrated Pest Management Guide for Organic Dairies – From the NYSIPM Program, this guide provides an outline of practices for the management of external arthropod pests such as flies, lice, mites and grubs on organic dairy farms.  En español.

Integrated Management of Flies for Dairy Cattle: Cultural, Biological and Chemical control options for New York State, May 2020

"Bugs 101" for dairy fly management (YouTube video) - A recording of presentations given at an April 19, 2012 workshop held in Essex, Vermont, this broadcast includes speakers Roger Moon, University of Minnesota; Keith Waldron, Cornell's NYS IPM program; and Wes Watson, North Carolina State University.

Fly management in the organic dairy pasture (YouTube video) - In this webinar, Dr. Donald Rutz and Keith Waldron of the New York State IPM Program will address several fly pests that attack cattle while they are out on pasture, especially horn, face, and stable flies. Each has distinctive habits, life histories, and management options.


New York Organic Dairy Program - provides information to all sectors of the organic dairy industry, including consumers, retailers, processors, and organic certifiers, as well as farmers.

Soil Health

New York State Soil Health Initiative - Provides outreach materials and support practitioner training, field days, and soil health assessments on collaborating farms from all types of systems.

Cornell Soil Health Lab - Offers the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health which is designed for farmers, gardeners, agricultural service providers, landscape managers and researchers who want to go beyond simply testing the nutrient levels of their soils.