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New York ranks in the top 10 nationally in number of farms, acreage, and value of organic vegetable production, with a range of farm sizes and marketing strategies. On these pages you can explore resources developed by Cornell faculty and Cornell Cooperative Extension field staff, as well as resources from other institutions and organizations, to help you succeed at organic vegetable production.

Production Information


Integrated Pest Management


For additional assistance with organic vegetable production, please visit:

Variety Trials

Organic Potato Variety Trials - 2007

Soil Health

New York State Soil Health Initiative - Provides outreach materials and support practitioner training, field days, and soil health assessments on collaborating farms from all types of systems.

Cornell Soil Health Lab - Offers the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health which is designed for farmers, gardeners, agricultural service providers, landscape managers and researchers who want to go beyond simply testing the nutrient levels of their soils.