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Passionate about organic agriculture and food systems?

Cornell is a great place to pursue your graduate studies in a diversity of fields.

Graduate Fields in the School of Integrative Plant Science (SIPS)

Five graduate fields within SIPS provide a broad range of graduate research opportunities in organic agriculture and related topics, including:

  • Horticulture - Organic systems for fruit and vegetable production, basic research in soil ecology and root biology, ecological landscape and turf management Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and more.
  • Plant Biology - Focused on basic research in plant evolution, physiology, morphology and genomics.
  • Plant Breeding - Developing new varieties of field crops, forages, fruit, vegetables, and energy and fiber crops ideally suited for organic systems.
  • Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology - Investigating organic disease management. 
  • Soil and Crop Sciences - Cover crops and organic systems for field crops, soil health and biochar research.


One of the keys to a successful graduate study is connecting with faculty with whom you share common interests. Peruse the faculty profiles at the Graduate Field websites to find the focus of faculty members' labs.

Many faculty in the School of Integrative Plant Science have particular interest in organic and sustainable farming systems and practices.  Learn more about their research.


While organic principles and practices are integrated into many courses, some courses of particular relevance to organic agriculture and food systems include:

  • PLSCS 3800: Principles and Practices in Certified Organic Agriculture
  • PLHRT 4730: Ecology of Agricultural Systems
  • PLSCS 3150: Weed Biology and Management
  • PLSCS 4440: Integrated Pest Management
  • PLHRT 4450: Ecological Orchard Management
  • PLSCS 4660: Soil Ecology
  • PLSCS 3210: Soil and Crop Mgmt. for Sustainability

Other graduate fields:

Not finding what you were hoping for? Graduate Fields outside of SIPS may be a better match to your interests. Some of them include:

View all Cornell graduate fields