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While organic principles and practices are integrated into many courses, some courses of particular interest if you’re considering a career in organic agriculture and food systems include:

Soil and Crop Sciences:

  • PLSCS 1900: Sustainable Agriculture: Food, Farming, and the Future
  • PLSCS 3150: Weed Biology and Management
  • PLSCS 3210: Soil and Crop Mgmt. for Sustainability
  • PLSCS 3800: Principles and Practices in Certified Organic Agriculture
  • PLSCS 4440: Integrated Pest Management
  • PLSCS 4660: Soil Ecology


  • PLHRT 1250: Organic Vegetable Gardening
  • PLHRT 4450: Ecological Orchard Management
  • PLHRT 4730: Ecology of Agricultural Systems

For details on each course, please visit the Cornell University Class Roster and search for the individual course(s).