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Hands-on experience

Get real-world, practical experience while you learn

Many courses take advantage of the organic farms and CSAs in the area for field trips and experiential learning, and most majors require practical internships or research experience that can be fulfilled on farms locally, across the state or elsewhere.

In addition, Cornell has focused organic programs at several nearby facilities:

  • Dilmun Hill Student Farm – Adjacent to campus, this site provides hands-on experience for students in growing and marketing high-value crops. The program fosters community and empowers students through active engagement in ecological agriculture and is a place for experiential learning, group collaboration, research, and outreach.
  • Cornell Orchards – Adjacent to campus, this research and outreach facility features a half-acre organic vineyard, ecological orchard management research, and sustainable berry production.
  • Thompson Vegetable Research Farm – 15 miles from campus, this facility features research aimed at optimizing vegetable production on 30 certified-organic acres.