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Several majors within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are particularly well-suited to help you pursue these career paths:

Plant Sciences – This is the program of choice for students who know they want to focus on plants. Offers ten concentrations within an integrated curriculum on a broad range of plant science topics, including organic agriculture and sustainable plant production. Courses include subjects such as agro-ecology, weed management and organic certification. Concentration requirements, coupled with core courses and experiential learning in the lab, field or community, help students build a powerful set of skills in the organic arena.

Agricultural Sciences – College-wide, flexible major offering all students solid grounding in broadly applied agricultural sciences. Core courses for all students range from sustainable agriculture to soil, animal, and field crop systems, and integrated pest management. All students also focus in at least one concentration depth area including organic agriculture, animal science, business, crop production, and education or communication. There is no typical Ag Sciences student. Graduates with an organic agriculture focus have sought pathways from production farming and farm entrepreneurship, to non-profit organizations, agroecology graduate studies, ag policy/law, and food justice work. If you’re seeking a broad flexible agricultural foundation with room in course requirements for personalization, this major is a good fit.

Environmental and Sustainability Sciences – Takes a strong interdisciplinary approach to give you an integrated understanding of the biological, physical-chemical, ecological, and social dimensions of environmental and natural resource issues. You’ll be equipped to better understand and address real-world environmental problems and become a decision-maker in environmental policy, resource management, biodiversity conservation, and human health issues.

International Agriculture and Rural Development - Designed for students interested in tackling the unique interdisciplinary issues associated with food systems and rural development in emerging nations. If you want to apply organic principles and practices in these settings, this might be the major for you.